Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Poem from Heather Groves

Heather is a mom in Ohio. She wrote this poem, inspired by her patriotism and her role as a mother. Thank you, Heather!

I had a dream last night, after I tucked my toddler into bed
About what her future holds,
And what may lie ahead Kindergarden, graduation, wedding bells and laughter.
I should have been dreaming about her happily ever after,
But sadly it was other things, that were raging in my head.
Instead of images of happiness, I found chains instead.
No longer was free will and market a national institution;
You see the concept of social justice replaced the constitution.
Where once personal initiative and responsibility soared,
The government gained control and the individual was ignored.
Embraced was a new system of taxes, fines and regulations;
Bailouts, TARPs and handouts became the new expectation.
Before long, 'We the Special Interest' replaced 'We The People'
And our paychecks were redirected to the government's own steeple.
The politician knows what’s best for us, or at least that’s what they said,
“Just do what we ask and we will give you milk and eggs and bread.”

So we followed blindly, as our country was transforming
From a focus of God & family to that of Global Warming.
Instead of focusing on issues like jobs, immigration and Iran.
Like sheep we followed our shepherd while chanting “Yes We Can.”
We didn’t even notice that our liberties had been debased
Or that our Founding Fathers had been thoroughly disgraced.
With all the hope and hugs and change, it became too late.
We greedily sold out our children as we took the bait;
In binding chains they slaved away, day in and day out,
To pay off debt that we incurred so we wouldn’t go without.
For entitlements and false security my daughters future had been lost.

And in that moment I awoke, to defend her at all cost;
In my dream it was too late, but in reality it is not.
We the people hold the power, or this have you forgot?
“Give me Liberty or give me death,” These words ring loud and clear!
Embrace them now or I am sure that Liberty will disappear!
As a mom, it's up to me to stand my ground and fight
Not for what is popular, but for what is right.
Now is the time for change, we no longer have a choice;
To protect our children's future, rise up and share your voice!
For if "Give me liberty!" is the battle cry that rings out in the night
Only one sword will be necessary, in this epic fight.
That sword will be Action; to binding chains this will be fatal
For the hand that rules the world is the one that rocks the cradle.

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